Why Trust Us? Are We Safe? Is Stoorz.com Legitimate?

You do not buy anything directly from Stoorz.com

Stoorz.com only finds the deals you are looking for. When you land on Stoorz.com from the search engines, we have found a deal for a specific product you are looking for. We then send you to the appopriate retailer where the deal is located. You will complete the purchase at that retailer's website.

No Credit Card Information is Collected on Stoorz.com

No purchases are made on Stoorz.com. We find the deals, and we send you to ONLY legitimate mainstream retailers. We send 1000's of customers each day to a variety of online retailers. No credit card information is ever collected by Stoorz.com. All transactions are completed at the retailer website you land on.

Stoorz.com only works with MAJOR Online Retailers

Stoorz.com creates relationships with only valid legitimate retailers. We earn our money by sending customers to them. If they are not legitimate we would not get paid. Plus we are looking out for our customers, we want you to return to us when you shop online.

Stoorz.com has been in Business since 2003

We have been doing this for a while, and only work with honest, reliable retailers. Customers have completed millions of dollars in sales since we have been in business. Many happy customers return and contact us looking for a deal on something else.

Have a Complaint?

We will be happy to look into any issue you may have, simply fill out the form in our Contact Us link on the bottom of the page. We handle everything from Where is my order?, I did not receive the discount?, Do you have the other color, size or version?, How do I return this?, I never received an order confirmation?, How long will it take to ship to this zipcode?... Any question you have please ask!

Contact Us?

Email our Founder:
Steve Deshaies

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